Friday, June 2, 2017

BreakoutEDU on Thinglink 360 pictures

Thank you @algebrasfriend on Twitter for asking me to write a blog post on how I created my reviews on Thinglink 360 pictures. I should have done this months ago.Here goes…...

I first saw a breakout EDU at an conference last year. But It wasn't until I saw Dan Gallagher's post on Twitter about the ThingLink 360 breakout challenge that I decided to dive in. I signed up for the two week challenge in March which gave me access to Thinglink’s premium features to play with over spring break. I wanted to create a final exam review, so I did it a little differently than the usual break out.

This is how I did it:
  1. I didn't have any 360 pictures, so I joined a few groups on Flickr. I  joined “ 360 images for schools ” a Creative Commons teacher group. I also joined the “Equirectangular group” . People from all over the world share their 360 pictures with varying licenses. I've asked several people in the group if  I could use their pictures for a lesson.Once I told them I was a teacher, they had no problem letting me use their pictures.
  2. I used a review I already had from last year. It was already digital on a Google form. I broke it up into five parts. Note: You only want to have five sets of problems, to open the five different locks. If you try to do more than that, the students won't finish in 45 minutes. Keep in mind the complexity of the problems, and be creative on how they open the locks.
  3. I decided which problem set would go to which lock. Because it's math, the number locks were easy to do. But I had to be creative to come up with word answers for the letter locks.I looked on the website to see what other teachers had done with the letter locks. That really helped!
  4. I chose music for the breakout that went with the 360 pictures. You can use music you already own and digitize it, or download Music off the Internet. I used Amazon Music. Most of the songs I bought were $.99     
  5. I had my tutor, and other colleagues work through the breakout. This is a very important step because it's easy to miss a mistake . There also can be issues with Apps and permission settings sometimes.
  6. If you want to make this type of breakout . I suggest you Sign up for the Thinglink summer challenge. Starting on June 23rd for $25 you can have access to Thinglink’s premium features for a year.
  7. This is a video of my 5th period engaged in the Final exam review.
 Click here to see my Geometry Final Exam Review breakout

Links to ALL my breakouts are on my resource website:

Email me at : for the keys to the breakouts.


  1. Well thorough!! You have had a very productive have your students!! Can't wait to see what else you have "up your sleeve" for next year.

    1. Thanks Coach! I'm really interested in Virtual reality right now. Thinking about ways to use it in my math classroom.