Sunday, September 11, 2016

An amazing week

 What a week! Well it's official my unit tests averaged at 80% which has NEVER happened since I've been teaching the common core. I'm gonna keep going with the videos  and the hyperdocs  to see if it continues. Also just a few days ago someone I really respect @ alicekeeler  featured some of my blog posts on her blog. I pretty much learn something from her posts almost every day.  It's so wonderful  to have what I'm doing be validated. Being on Twitter has changed the way I teach.
       Now to gear up for the GAFE conference next weekend . My presentation is finished. I'll be talking about my digital assignment folders on Google slides, and the transformation project on Google slides.  I'm excited and a little nervous to be a first time presenter.  It seems amazing that I just attended my first GAFE conference this summer in July, and now I'm a presenter. What's even cooler is that my Tech. Coach Paula , and Estefania who I've been collaborating with this summer are also presenting.The Chaffey district will be well represented!
      I'm really excited to have my students use my two step equations Hyperdoc . It has my adapted Kasey Bell template for Magnetic equations. I hope the students enjoy dragging the stuff onto the fridge to make equations. I made 5 videos today , and need to make many more. I really LOVE using videos. It gives me time to walk around and help individual kids. Also one side benefit is that I have more energy in the classes because I'm not teaching the same thing on the document camera for 4 classes in a row like before. The videos teach it for me, so I can check for understanding.  The kids can watch the video over again while I get to another student. I don't feel as though I can't get to everyone like before.
     Here is a link to the guest blog feature @alicekeeler. What a week!…

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