Thursday, September 1, 2016

What is going on in my classroom?? Something is working!!!

My students test scores on the first two tests are higher than they have ever been in the last 3 years since we started the Common core. What's going on???? This summer I decided to make very short  2 minute videos on my iPad to teach the skills and concepts. My students come in, grab their computers and log into Google classroom where I've posted the videos and digital assignments. I've done very little direct instruction, and almost NO NOTES! I only had them take notes on a Nearpod presentation that was also interactive. They don't have a formal notebook either. I didn't make flip books like last year. But somehow they are learning, and much better than before. Today I gave a Unit test. I remember it taking two days last year. This year most of them finished it in 20 minutes, only five students per class need to finish tomorrow. I'll have the others move onto the next lesson while they finish. It's more  individualized. I mostly walk around and help individuals . I have them sitting in groups. There's more discussion. The class is noisier .They aren't doing much homework either. They only have homework if they don't finish in class. I've considered that maybe I have students with more ability, but I have 11 special Ed students in my 5th period, and a 1:1. My teaching partner is on leave, yet these students are also performing well. Yes it is only the 3rd week of school, and we have had our share of internet problems . It's been unpredictable, but we persist. I'm not sure why this is working. I’m wondering if there is any research on this. My class isn't flipped. They watch all the videos in class.WHAT’s Happening? Why is this working? I'm going to continue this. When the material gets harder will this stop? Will they be less engaged? Will I need to change and rethink it? Lots of questions, only time will tell. But I'm loving this!

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