Monday, January 2, 2017

Fall Semester in Review

      Well the semester's over, and only 9 freshman failed the semester.The freshman F’s reduced significantly. I usually have at least 36 failures, sometimes more. What do I think made this happen? STUDENT ENGAGEMENT! If you have student engagement, I believe YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! I'm going to continue with the videos and engaging activities for the second semester Geometry class.
       Right before the break I received exciting news. My principal Mr. Alvarado chose me to represent my school at the the Cue conference in March, and the district is going to pay for me to go.I’m soooo excited! I’ve never been before. I had already asked Paula ( my tech coach) to get me in as a helper, but this is better!
          Now I need to prepare to present at the EdTechTeam Indio conference on Jan. 28th. I’m planning to showcase my magnetic equations lesson. But, I made examples using Kasey Bell’s fridge Template for multiple subjects: Science, English, Math and Spanish. Last time I only had two Math teachers in my session, so I want to be prepared for multiple subjects. I’m planning to have the participants create their own magnets for the fridge in THEIR subject area.
     One of my goals for next semester is to learn more about Google sheets/Excel. I plan to have my tech coach ( John Stevens) come once every two weeks. Working with one of Alice Keeler’s templates made me realize that I don't know much about sheets, and I need to put some time into it. I’m also very fortunate that one of our new VP's (Wes) was a tech coach last year and he LOVES sheets. When I’m having trouble, I'll just stop by the office to see if he’s busy lol! I’m so Blessed!!!!!

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  1. Woot! Can't wait to meet with you to share about Sheets!