Saturday, February 18, 2017

What is success?

What is success? A lesson goes well and then we want to analyze and pick apart everything we did. That's exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago when I presented at the EdTechTeam summit in Indio. I presented many of the same things I had presented twice before. But I made two changes. 1. I had them make magnets for the refrigerators in my “magnetic equations.” 2. I did a demo of Padlet instead of just showing examples. All day participants were coming up to me telling me how great my session was, and now I'm going crazy trying to analyze it so I can re-create it again. The people I met were genuinely excited to learn, and so happy to be at the summit. . So was it the changes I made? Did I just deliver it better? Or was it that the participants were better prepared to receive it? I'm not really sure. I guess every group of people are different. I did have more Math teachers than before.Was that it? Not sure. I have more questions than answers.

Well, next weekend I'll be presenting at two more events. The MaThink conference and OCMC. Both of these are all Math teacher events. I'm thinking about whether or not to keep things the same, or change more things. I'm sure it will get easier with more experience and more reflection.

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